“Wido Lab AB acquires Hett Tech AB and LabTek Sverige AB, whose sales and service organizations are at the front of certified and accredited service, having significant and unique suppliers” – Janina Lindo, CEO of Wido Lab AB

“We look forward to a collaboration that provides us with opportunities to expand our expertise into other areas” – Hans Nilsson, founder and CEO of Hett Tech AB & LabTek Sverige AB

Wido Lab AB is a young company in the field with strong ambition to grow and invest in companies that are in line with their mindset. The target for Wido Lab AB is to expand in the Nordic region and establish itself as a company with great determination and enthusiastic employees. Wido Lab AB aims to invest in people with high levels of expertise and to identify and co-invest in new companies with unique and scalable technology.

For further information, please contact:
Janina Lindo, CEO, janina@widolab.se
Hans Nilsson, CEO, hans@hettech.se