Vaccine freezers

Transport boxes and low-temperature freezers keep the vaccine frozen. The mobile boxes solve short-term storage and logistics throughout the country.

The country’s smaller healthcare providers can cope with the freezing capacity that mass vaccination entails. The nature of the vaccine requires storage not only in the regional hospitals but also at the care providers outside the country, but with efficient coolers, Hett Tech can secure the transports and thereby secure the vaccination to all end users in Sweden.

The vaccines that are supposed to protect the population from contracting covid-19 require cold storage in two out of three cases. Sweden has secured the availability of vaccines from three parties; Pfizer, Moderna and Astra Zeneca. The vaccine from both Pfizer and Moderna must be stored in frozen form. Moderna in -20 and Pfizer all the way down to -70. This places great demands on planning and capacity for cold storage in smaller units. The caregivers in the country deal with different large areas of the population and also in a diversified geographical spread.

Storing the quantities of vaccines that are expected to arrive requires freezing storage in safe transport solutions and also in different freezing points depending on the type of vaccine to be stored.

But there are solutions that can provide the right capacity for different sizes of care centers and care facilities. Hettech has both low-temperature freezers and transport boxes that hold from a few hundred doses up to approx. 60,000 doses per unit. It corresponds to the extent of the population of Swedish municipalities, while the units are also adapted for transport over geographically large areas. The transport boxes, for example, can withstand -70C for up to ten days and hold up to approx. 5,000 doses per box.

The vaccine freezers provide a flexible solution when doses from different vaccine suppliers arrive outside the country and can be regulated from -20C all the way down to -86C, they are therefore well suited to healthcare facilities in larger municipalities that may receive vaccines that must be stored at -20C or -70C. The freezers can be adjusted to the current freezing point.

As for the mobile boxes, Hett Tech has the capacity to deliver if the order and specification is received in the near future. The larger freezers may have a longer delivery time, but with good foresight the chances increase that they can be on site within a reasonable time.

Transport box RCW25 – transport box that can withstand -70C for up to 10 days with dry ice

A box adapted to Pfizer’s vaccine boxes without repackaging. A transport box holds close to 5,000 doses including dry ice.

Low temperature freezer U210 and U701 – stationary freezer with high flexibility

Vaccine freezers that hold 56,000 doses. This type of freezer can also be regulated from -20C down to -86C. It gives a unique flexibility to be able to handle doses from both Pfizer and Moderna in the same freezer.


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