IIn tough competition, Hett Tech starts its operations offering laboratory equipment, service and high competence. Hans Nilsson, CEO and founder wants to take the company to a leading market position.

“We are a new modern company with a focus on laboratory activities first and foremost. We who are Hettech have been in this business for a long time. We should be no1”, says Hans.

When sustainable innovation and security is the priority, Hett Tech is the answer to what competence and insight to be a part of the solution means for the Swedish medtech market. With years of experience and good relations with various distributors around the world, Hett Tech possesses unique values, important for future healthcare and the economy at large.

“I am really looking forward to a renewed commitment to deliver the market’s top products and services in an industrial sector where this is a prerequisite for effective healthcare,” Hans continues.

With our role in the market, Hett Tech is contributing to improving and developing existing technology. Our company is active and in operation since July 1st. Both Hans Nilsson and Peter Gullbrandz, who works at Labtek Sverige AB, are well-known names in the industry. Hans was former CEO and founder of Hettich Labinstrument AB.

Hett Tech AB s a distribution and service company on the Swedish medtech scene. The company provides laboratory equipment, expertise and services to companies and organizations in Swedish healthcare and industry. Together with leading suppliers in Sweden and the world, Hett Tech stands for continuity, high availability and market presence.